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  • What is fitted furniture?
    Fitted furniture is a type of furniture that is custom-made to fit in specific areas of a room or home, such as a wardrobe or office cupboard. It is usually designed to maximize the available space, and it can be made from a variety of materials.
  • How deep are fitted wardrobes?
    As all our furniture is custom made, the sizes can vary to suit your specific requirements. The sizes below can be used for general guidance. Internal wardrobe depth - (530mm (slim)/570mm (standard)) Overall Depth for Opening Door Wardrobe - (585mm (slim)/610mm (standard)) Overall Depth for Sliding Doors - (685mm (slim)/710mm (standard)) Standard Worktop Depth - 530mm
  • Does fitted furniture add value to your home?
    Fitted furniture can add value to your house by creating a more functional and efficient use of space. It can also add aesthetic value by creating a more attractive interior design. Additionally, fitted furniture can help to reduce clutter and create a more organized look in your home.
  • What materials can I choose from?
    Barwoods offers a wide range of materials to produce your custom furniture. From man-made surfaces engineered using the latest technology to bespoke sprayed finishes perfected in our own spray booth.
  • What time are your showrooms open?
    Both our Stockport and Mottram showroom are open 10am - 4pm 7 days a week
  • How much do fitted wardrobes cost?
    As every project we produce is unique and tailor made to your individual requirements we aren't able to give you a specific quote. The cost varies depending on your your requirements,
  • Can fitted wardrobes work in small spaces?
    Fitted wardrobes are a great way to maximize storage space in a small space. They can be custom designed to fit any size of room, making them an excellent option for maximizing the storage capacity. Fitted wardrobes also offer a sleek and stylish look, creating a modern and organized atmosphere in the home and can offer a feature in a place that may usually be overlooked.
  • What is a walk-in wardrobe?
    A walk-in wardrobe is a type of closet where you can walk in and move around freely. They typically include shelves and drawers for organizing your clothes and other items, as well as hanging rails for hanging items. Walk-in wardrobes can have doors or be open wardrobes style with the interiors exposed.
  • Do we have finance options available?
    Currently Barwoods does not offer a finance options for paying your balance. We prefer to offer a true price without hiding any interest costs. As a family business we are able to make arrangements at our own discretion such allowing an agreement to pay over a few month. This avoids any additional charges.
  • How long will a FREE HOME DESIGN VISIT take?
    Typically an initial home visit can be as little as 30 minutes long. We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere and not bombard you with information or any pressure right from the get go. Usually we aim to just have an initial discussion about what you are aiming for with your project. Our expert designers can then offer their advise, show images of similar projects or display some samples for you to browse. If possible we will give an indicative price within this first visit.
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